25 Feb 2014

Pharrell and the G I R L s

The humble commemoration of my best friend's birthday marked the start of this week and it only took significant amounts of home-cooked food, a selection of various wines, three carefully picked diabetis-flavoured cakes, and my last few cigarettes before a heated debate on feminism caused the poor neighbours from downstairs to complain about the noise. As a strong believer in the fluidity of human nature and sufficiently opposed to the significance widely attached to genders, it was unpleasant for me to get a sense of the problematic experience of being a (young) woman today as shared by my friends.

This is why other than feeling jealous of Noisey's Ryan Bassil, who got the chance to be one of the first people to hear Pharrell Williams' upcoming solo album G I R L, I was rather pleased to find that the intention behind the music Pharrell has prepared for the world is a well-deserved dedication to all vagina-bearers on this planet.
Pharrell visits the SPA with some ladies on the album cover of G I R L.
Source: Wikipedia
The man behind G I R L is a top-of-the-charts native and has been an influential figure in the world of pop music taking various roles as a producer, guest act, or the actual star of a vibrant catalogue of music that to a great extent represents the popular tastes of the 90s kids generation as Bassil rightfully concludes in his review. Almost everything that carried the musical stamp of Pharrell released last year proved that the guy has definitely still got it and by the looks of it, we will be hearing a great deal more of him in 2014 with the release of his second solo album.

20 Feb 2014

Hungry for Kelis

FOOD Album Artwork. Source: Wikipedia
The sun has finally made an appearance on the sky above London, some birds have mistakenly started singing, and following their footsteps I have opened my window, longing for spring. Speaking of which, shall we take a minute to appreciate how amazing Kelis is and how exciting the news about her upcoming album FOOD is, too?

13 Feb 2014

Your Valentine's Day Soundtrack Brought by Katy B

Little Red Album Cover. Source: Wikipedia
Valentine's Day is upon us and if you are a victim of a dangerously sweet tooth and have to stay away from that tempting heart-shaped box of chocolates you're planning to devour by yourself in the company of... no-one special, you should most definitely check out Katy B's sophomore album Little Red, released this past Monday. A little sweet, a little repetitive, a little cheesy, Little Red is the musical equivalent of a box of chocolates without the risk of giving you a disgusting rash, or a few extra pounds you can most definitely do without! 

After successfully completing the mission of attracting the world's attention and a BRIT Award nomination back in 2011 with Katy On A Mission, Katy B does what she's known to do best - her sweet vocals deliver somewhat mediocre lyrical content over 90s inspired house, drum and bass and garage beats. As the singer's stated herself, the theme of the album is (bleugh) love, so there's no way the lovely cynic inside you will take the 20-something red-head that seriously. The good news is - they don't have to! Little Red is a rather good stimulant for your heart to pump some extra blood into those static limbs of yours, so they perform some of those strange moves you so persistently classify as dancing. 

14 Mar 2013

Guest Post: Why I Won’t Be Watching the Film The Great Gatsby: A Rather Bitchy and Uptight Commentary on the Trailers

With the news of the upcoming feature film adaptation of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby opening this year's renowned film festival in Cannes, my friend, the writer Suzanne Zhang, decided to share her opinion before the hype storm for the film reaches its peak. 

The Great Gatsby's First Edition Cover.
Source: Wikipedia 

‘And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past…’ 
is one of my favourite lines from the great American novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and incidentally, it is also a good illustration of what I feel about the 2013 movie adaptation by Australian director Baz Luhrmann. As we attempt to move forward we are constantly restricted by our past and trying to go back to it, which to me seems like an analogy for this film. Why are we not moving forward? Why this need to go back in time to one of the best American novels ever written? Why adapt this book? Why ruin it with bad taste and terrible actors? Can we not focus on new movie plots? Film adaptations are always risky but after having seen the two trailers of The Great Gatsby, I can say with assurance that I will not be watching it as it would be a blasphemy for one of my favourite books and writers.

25 Feb 2013

Free Tune: Little Boots' Nightly Soundtrack

Nocturnes Album Artwork. Source: Instagram
I know that in the first post from the Free Tune series I categorised it as a weekly thing, but how am I supposed to keep good music that comes out for as much as nothing only to myself?

Little Boots, the girl who is no longer new in the town of the music industry, not only announced the May 2013 release of her sophomore album today, but also gave her fans a beautiful taster called Motorway that is downloadable for free via the artist's official website (well, in return you subscribe to a newsletter by giving your e-mail address in the bottom left of the page to access a download link, but there's always the possibility to unsubscribe)!

24 Feb 2013

Stop Making Lists, Advises Nelly Furtado

Little Things. Source: YouTube
It's Sunday and the more organised part of the population have probably already compiled their to-do lists for the upcoming week. Just two days ago, however, Nelly Furtado released a short film to the track Bucket List off her latest album The Spirit Indestructible and the song tackles the question of the important things in life and the universal lack of time that even Shakespeare and people before him resented with passion.

The video starts with a visual introduction to its main characters, who are a bunch of five young and good-looking people, and while you get to know their appearance you listen to Nelly's monologue on how useless bucket lists are because of their high dependence on time which as we all know is a Bitch that can screw any plan you make.

But Furtado is an optimist and so are the group of friends in her video. They make an example of how one can live free of depressingly unrealistic dreams and just enjoy life in its little things right here and right now. Bucket List is in its core a happy sunny film about youth and embracing it through messing about with your friends, running and jumping around the city, capturing these moments in your head and on film and keeping silent in the company of those you love and the sunset. Love and Nature are the other two main characters in the video and despite the slightly annoying close-ups of Nelly Furtado that pop up at different points to show her sing some of the lyrics, the positive message of the song is successfully conveyed.

23 Feb 2013

Free Tune: Everybody Drink; It's on The Cataracs!

Double Vision. Source: YouTube
With the weekend in full swing, what would a night out be without an easy-listening, easy-to-dance-to and rather silly soundtrack? Minus its other duo member, but still having enough experience in the field, The Cataracs is offering a potential party dance floor anthem, which you can download for free below. It has it all: a dirty electronic beat, guest vocals from the not-sorry-for-party-rocking LMFAO's Sky Blu, and flirtatious lyrics consisting of stupid pick-up lines. And now it has a music video, too!